What Are Flower Essences?

plant spirit illustration

Flower and tree essences are vibrational medicine.

They are liquid extracts comprised of water imprinted with the resonance of a plant, preserved in alcohol, usually brandy. 

Flower essences are an ancient medicine that were re-popularized by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's. They are regularly used in subtle body energy work, meditation and shamanic work. 

Samantha uses wild plants from Southern Oregon, spring water, and a fine 80 proof brandy in her essences. Each essence bottle sold on this site is made at the stock bottle level of essence. From these stock bottles, you can create your own dosage bottles. 

Each essence is made co-creatively with spirit with a set intention to learn from and heal with the conscious intelligence of the plant.

Vibrational medicine supports our spiritual journey and our soul's alignment. Flower essences are tools to help you communicate directly with plant spirits in order to realize your highest potential and reach higher consciousness. 

Our physical health and 3D experience is manifested from our energetic body, energy field and blueprint.

This medicine intends to help you on the energetic level so that you may heal at the source of dis-ease and connect to the energy of spirit itself.

Profound healing can happen. All we have to do is ask for it, seek it, intend for it.