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Quantum Energetic Clearing with Samantha

Quantum Energetic Clearing with Samantha

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To schedule a clearing, please add this "product" to your cart and checkout. Once your payment goes through I will contact you through the email you provided at checkout to schedule your reading for 1-2 weeks out (or more if you need).

This is a complete clearing of your energy fields (auric, morphogenic fields, electromagnetic fields, toroidal field) addressing a multitude of things such as:

  • Parasitic energies
  • Spiritual or psychic attacks
  • Curses and hexes
  • Soul contracts
  • Black magic
  • Past life traumas
  • Harmful entities including demons
  • Unhelpful attachments
  • Damage to your energetic field
  • Anything that you have going on in your field during the time of your clearing

After clearing and cleaning, I repair and realign your chakras and rebalance and harmonize your entire field. 

You may benefit from a clearing if you:

  • Feel lethargic no matter what you do
  • Feel psychically or spiritually attacked
  • Are depressed or down in the dumps 
  • Feel like you can't get your head above water
  • Feel like your manifestation efforts are never working
  • Have a feeling of misalignment or feeling of being lost and off-track
  • Have undiagnosed or unexplainable body pain or medical conditions
  • Experience toxic thought patterns
  • Are dealing with phobias, fears or anxieties

Clearings are done remotely, through the quantum field. They may take around 2 hours to complete. Read more under "How does it work?" below. 

Payment is required to secure your appointment.
Full refunds are issued if you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Any appointment canceled within 24 hours of your appointment will not be refunded. If you need to re-schedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. 

How does it work?

Everything is done in the quantum realm, from a distance. This clearing is not done over the phone or via zoom. I will contact you before I start the clearing and ask you for a current "selfie" and then I will get started within my sacred space. After the clearing takes place I'll send you a complete report via email of what was done during your clearing. I will leave you with suggestions on what to do following your clearing and offer an optional follow up call to help you reach conclusions from your experience if needed.

I encourage you to take it easy during the scheduled time of your clearing and if you are intuitive or psychically sensitive you may experience sensations, emotions and releases as I work my way through your field. Feel free to document or journal your experience for our follow up email and call.

Healing is never a one-way street. This clearing is meant to offer you the space and freedom of autonomy and sovereignty to reclaim yourself and see more clearly that which you may need to work on in your personal healing journey. I never think of a clearing as a one-time, fix-all, antidote to dis-ease. It is a fresh start - a new beginning in which you can re-claim your personal power and re-commit to the work of healing yourself. You are a co-healer during this process and I encourage you to dive into the results of your clearing with an open and determined heart and find answers for yourself that will serve you in your truest path forward.

How Samantha works


I work with various plant spirits, goddesses, Earth spirits, and angels to psychically repair and restore your energy fields. This type of work is historically shamanic, but instead of journeying through a shamanic journey, I work directly through the quantum realm/field.

The strongest representation on my spirit squad is by far plant spirits. Plant spirits are a direct conduit to divinity and are very amenable to helping us heal. We are cyclically linked and long related to plants. Their intelligence is lightyears ahead of ours. They are love.


Before the clearing I ask you to share a little about what you're dealing with so I can address any specifics that you may have.

During a clearing I set sacred space through various rituals and then remotely connect to you through the quantum field with your "selfie," name and age as a guide. I then spend an hour or two working around and within your field, assessing, healing, removing, rebalancing, realigning and harmonizing your field as it needs. I then perform a closing ritual.

After the clearing, I spend time notating what occurred in an email that I send to you after the clearing. At the end of the email I offer plant spirit recommendations to work with and other observations and recommendations to help you in your personal journey. I then follow up in a week to see how you are holding up and offer an optional check in call over the phone.


Healing services are a complement to traditional medical/psychiatric treatments, and NOT a replacement.

Healing services are meant to address the spiritual causes of suffering and help you achieve wholeness in conjunction with whatever medical treatments your doctor has prescribed. For serious medical conditions or emergencies, please consult your physician.

By choosing to receive a clearing by me, you consent to what is said in the clearing is not an absolute. That you ultimately have free will and choice through every decision in life you make.

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Next to Godliness

Every thought has a frequency. Our negative thoughts and experiences have density that can attach or get stuck in our energy fields and drag us down. Other people's negative energies can also get stuck in our field and affect us in ways that make our lives harder. This is the dirt and gunk of the energy world.

You cannot operate at your best when you're dirty. You cannot attract light and positivity when those attributes within you are covered in the dark density of energetic pollution. You are farther from source, or farther from God, when you are energetically dirty.

Keeping clean and clear fields allows us the space to be our authentic selves and manifest our destiny.